Necessity of Football Agents being Registered!

Who is a Football Agent?

Each football association requires a human resource who carries out negotiations, endorsements and deal for his client. In return, the football team agent is granted a fee in the form of a commission which is usually a percentage stated in the contract. Coming to their associations in Malaysia, only 4 Agen Bola has been registered by the Football Association of Malaysia and most of the franchises operate with unlicensed agents. It is mandatory for both local and foreign agents to register with their respective national football associations as per FIFA’s guidelines to be able to represent players at the global stage.

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Registration Guidelines for an Agent:

Previously, this registration was only required by the FIFA federation governing body which in 2015 changed the ruling as to state registration of the agents. The advantage of having licensed agents is the lesser threat of breach of contract and protection of players over raw deals and other issues. The FAM secretory general admitted to having a lot of unauthorized agents and condemned its fact. According to the authorities, a new system has been brought in place which had salary issues and this system addresses it with proper implementation. The news of only 4 Agen Bola being registered spread like a wildfire across the nation and has much thinking as to why teams prefer to contract with unlicensed agents.

Current Scenario to Curb Unlicensed Agents:

In another case, the identity of agents sometimes is not listed in the player’s contract which hampers their stakes when brought to FAM’s notice as they are unable to take any action. Out of the 4 registered agents, 3 are deemed local and 1 being a foreigner. The government has decided to impose fine on illegal agents but are also looking to curb loopholes in the system to stop this practice. In comparison, most of the other leagues around the globe have hundreds of registered agents whereas the number boils down to 4 in Malaysia, which really saddening.